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The UFWDA Volunteer Trail Patrol program established a formal network for concerned recreation and conservationists to communicate with other recreationists and law enforcement officers regarding crime-related problems. Simply translated, Volunteer Trail Patrol asks you to be the eyes and ears of the law enforcement officers, to be more involved with your fellow recreationists and your environment by becoming more aware and alert to the activity in your recreation area.

For example, as we go about our normal routes and activities in our recreation area we have the opportunity to casually observe our surroundings and the activities that take place in it. Such observations may be useful in keeping camping areas litter-free, reporting vandalism, or alerting recreationists and law enforcement officers to suspicious or illegal activities in the area. It is important to realize that criminals find it difficult to operate in areas where citizens take an active role in preventing crime.

OBSERVING and REPORTING are the cornerstones of the Volunteer Trail Patrol. Trail Patrol volunteers are trained to observe illegal activities and to accurately identify people and vehicles. All observations are non-confrontational and conducted in the safest way possible to protect volunteers. Trail Patrol volunteers use their observation and recording skills to file accurate reports with local law enforcement officials regarding suspected illegal activities or safety concerns.
The Volunteer Trail Patrol continues to strengthen the four wheel drive community having trained hundreds of volunteers in dozens of states in the U.S.
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