UFWDA Contacts - United Four Wheel Drive Associations Inc.

United Four Wheel Drive Associations Inc.
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Board of Directors
Steve Egbert California
President   (at) UFWDA.ORG
Vice   President    
Ray Stanley Georgia     
VPresident   (at) UFWDA.ORG
International   VP    
Peter Vahry New Zealand
INTLVP (at) ufwda.com  
Fred Wiley   California     
Treasurer   (at) UFWDA.ORG
Membership   Director     
Tom Mandera  Montana   
Membership   (at) UFWDA.ORG
Public   Relations    
Ashlynn Smith  Oklahoma   
PRdirector   (at) UFWDA.ORG
Director   of Environmental Affairs   
Jerry Smith Colorado   
LandUse   (at) UFWDA.ORG    
ORBA   Representative

Business   Development Manager
Alexis Nelson    
Business   (at) UFWDA.ORG
Legislative   Advocate    
Carla Boucher Virginia      
Attorney   (at) UFWDA.ORG

4WD   Awareness Program     
Craig   Feusse Michigan     
4WDAwareness   (at) UFWDA.ORG
Voice   Editorial Manager       
Peter   Vahry  New Zealand     
Editor(at) ufwda.com
Website   Administrator      
Webmaster (at) UFWDA.com

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